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Throughout my life I have always been told that I have a way with animals. I strongly believe in having a good relationship with your pet as they are in many ways like your children. My main focus as a pet trainer is to create a strong bond between you and your pet and to help owners understand their pets’ behaviour. I have witnessed too many animals that are handed over to the shelters due to lack of training. I use gentle methods that dogs respond well to. They enable you to build a trusting relationship with your pet, creating an understanding that you are the alpha dog.

I have many years of experience working with people and their pets. My goal is to ensure that both pets and owners will graduate from my classes with a new perspective on how to live happily and peacefully with their pets. I strongly believe in having a professional relationship with all of my customers and I am always open to any questions.

I use methods that focus on positive re-enforcement. The aim is to eliminate unwanted behaviours. People enjoy my classes because I keep them fun and interesting. I work with you and your pet rather than just telling you how to train your pet. Hands on activities are the most successful way to learn.